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what you need to know about TONAL FIT

Hey, fitness lovers in–Tracy, Mountain House and Lathrop! You’ve seen the commercials, and you’ve heard the claims–are you ready to experience Tonal for yourself?
Come in and workout on The World’s Smartest Home Gym, for only $99/mo.

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Since 2018, we are proud to be the very first private gym to house 4 Tonal digital trainers for our personal trainers to use on their clients, and it’s now available to the public.
Tonal uses A.i. technology to guide you through your workouts. All weights, reps, and sets are automatically adjusted to fit your fitness goals. The A.i. technology updates while you’re in the movement with its advanced weight features and statistical mapping.
Program Types: Strength Training, Pilates, Barre, Kickboxing, High Intensity, and Full Body Workouts.

main key features about tonal fit

Take the guesswork out of strength training and elevate your workout. Tonal’s A.I. adapts to your strength and dynamically adjusts exercises as necessary.

Improve your body power

Tonal’s workouts are designed to help you achieve optimal results, every time you workout. With more than 170 moves, 200 pounds of resistance, and a range of full-body exercises.
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Choose to train with tonal's
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Tonal has multiple wonderful trainers and programs already pre-built into the machine. You can also, have us customize a Tonal program for you (at an additional fee), to help you along the way!

Tonal Fit Trainers


Lift up to 200 pounds, in one-pound increments.


Tonal has 17 sensors that analyze and correct your form. It will save you from injuries and make sure you’re always getting the optimum workout.

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important things

YES! With Tonal’s advancement in technology, it’s used by our trainers and ALL their clients. Especially for rehabilitation.

After your enrollment process, you will be given digital access to our building via your smartphone. All we ask is that you follow the studio rules and respect staff and other trainers in the building.

PLEASE NOTE: Any misuse of equipment, property or rules will be grounds for access key revocation and loss of membership. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

Yes, our studio is fully monitored and secure 24/7.

Yes. Although we are not affiliated with Tonal and its entities. All of our personal trainers are fully trained and advanced in operating it. We can create fitness plans for your particular fitness goals, at an additional fee. Ask any instructor for help setting this up.

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