Personal Training

1:1 training that is designed to get you to your specific goals using weights, nutrition and accountability. With classic and innovated ways of training, each trainer is motivating and guides you every step of the way.

Tonal® Gym

Digital trainers that guide you through your workout. All weights, reps and sets are automatically adjusted to fit your fitness goals. The AI updates in the moment with its advanced weight features and statistics mapping.

Virtual Training

1:1 or small group training from anywhere in the world. Same great attention to form/technique, personalized menu and exercise plan that will get you to your goals effectively and quickly. All sessions recorded so you can reference at anytime.

PNOE Cardiometabolic Testing

The leader in metabolic analysis is now available to the public and availbale at NuEx Fitness. Testing your metabolism gives you the numbers required to create a nutrition and workout plan that is designed specifically for your heartrate and metabolism.

Stretching & Percussion

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation stretching combined with percussion massage, helps relieve DOMS, increases range of motion and repair muscle faster, thus creating faster results.

HIIT Classes

Fast paced, high energy classes that target different body parts. These classes push you to your limit and beyond for quick lasting results. By week’s end, you will find yourself both tired and energized wanting more.

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