Personal Trainer vs Fitness Coach

Personal Trainer vs. CoachBenefits of personal training

As we head back to the gym you may find yourself wanting some instruction. One hot topic that I saw on Instagram the other day prompted me to write this post. The topic of a Fitness Coach replacing the need for a Personal Trainer. Not only is this a misguided gimmick, but it’s also scary how easy we are persuaded by fitness influencers. The issue is self-proclaimed “fitness coaches’ oftentimes lack knowledge, education and years of expertise to help. Why? Everyone comes in a different shape, sizes, and health issues. So how can you avoid choosing the wrong fitness expert? Here’s some tips:

1. Do your research:

While looking for a fitness expert, online or in-person, the trainer’s education is the key. There are many different types of health and fitness guidance out there to choose from. Generally speaking, there are Personal Trainers and then there are Coaches. What’s the difference?
A ‘Fitness Coach’ or ‘Coach’ is a self-proclaimed educator of fitness and they aren’t required to have any formal education. However, these coaches may have experience in a particular field or may even be a former trainer. 
A Personal Trainer has to hold a certificate or degree. Let me be clear, this does not guarantee that they’re a great trainer. But it does say ‘hey, I have formal education behind the exercises I am asking you to perform.’  –An important side note: If an injury happens, you’re typically covered with a personal trainer (valid certification when getting insurance is required).
During your initial consultation, ask your trainer about their educational background.

2. Set Fitness Goals:

When it comes to your fitness goals, choose wisely. Both coaches and personal trainers are great additions to help you with your goals. If your goals are to lose a transformational amount of weight, go with a personal trainer. If you’re already fit and looking for some new moves to add to your workout, a fitness coach is great. Keeping your fitness goals in mind while choosing helps.

3. Additional Homework:

A Personal Trainer always gives some type of homework. The homework involved helps the trainer and client to ensure success, and is part of training.
–Let’s face it, a pretty face with a hot bod can influence anyone to pay for personal training. When in doubt, trust your gut and use our tips!

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